The resources below collect guidance for teachers seeking to cultivate instructional habits that boldly address difference and diversity and embody liberatory praxis in the classroom. Categories like race, class, sexuality, gender, ability, etc. intersect complexly in personal, political, and pedagogical spheres. Different course topics and classroom settings may call for greater attention to one particular category over another. As such, the following resources are categorized according to specific pedagogical concerns, with the understanding that these concerns are not mutually exclusive and benefit greatly from intersectional dialogue.

Teaching an Anti-Racist Middle Ages

Daisy Black, Decolonising the Medieval Curriculum: Critical Questions
Luke A. Fidler, Teaching Medieval Art History in a Time of White Supremacy
Folger Shakespeare Library, Critical Race Conversations
Geraldine Heng, Teaching Essay: Race in the European Middle Ages
Jonathan Hsy, Racial Dynamics in the Medieval Literature Classroom
Nicole Lopez-Jantzen, Teaching Race in the Early Middle Ages Twitter thread
Medieval Academy of America, Race, Racism, and Teaching the Middle Ages Webinar
Nahir Otaño Gracia, Teaching Race: Preparing Students and Creating a Safe Environment
Carol L. Robinson, Featured Lesson Resource Page: Race, Racism and the Middle Ages
Chelsea Skalak, Mapping the Global Middle Ages: Diversifying the Classroom with GIS
Teaching Medieval Slavery and Captivity
Kisha Tracy, Appropriation of the Middle Ages lesson plan
Pamela Troyer, Canterbury Trails: Walking with Immigrants, Refugees, and the Man of Law
Cord Whitaker, The Man of Law and the Muslim Ban: A Strategy for Resistance

Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Teaching While White
USC Anti-Racist Pedagogy Guide
Academics for Black Survival and Wellness
NCTE Committee Against Racism and Bias, What Anti-Racist Language Teachers Do
NCTE Committee Against Racism and Bias, Qualities of Anti-Racist ELA Curricula
Peggy McIntosh, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
Frankie Condon and Vershawn Ashanti Young (ed.), Performing Antiracist Pedagogy in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communication
Ambereen Dadabhoy and Nedda Mehdizadeh, Cultivating an Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Decolonial/Indigenous Pedagogy

Asma-na-hi Antoine et al., Pulling Together: A Guide for Curriculum Developers
Keele University, Why is My Curriculum So White?
Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang, Decolonization is not a metaphor
Vancouver Community College library, Indigenous Pedagogy: Decolonizing Higher Education
Max Liboiron, Decolonizing your syllabus? You might have missed some steps
Walking Together: First Nations, Métis and Inuit Perspectives in Curriculum
8 Ways, 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning

Feminist Pedagogy

Vanderbilt Center for Teaching, A Guide to Feminist Pedagogy
Pedagogy resources at FemTechNet
Natalia Cerie, New at This
Carissa Harris, A History of the Wench

Queer Pedagogy

Nishant Shahani, Pedagogical Practices and the Reparative Performance of Failure, or, “What Does [Queer] Knowledge Do?
David Halperin, Deviant Teaching
Lauren Berlant and Jennifer Cooke, Transformations and challenges in politics, teaching, art and writing: an interview with Lauren Berlant
Liza Blake, Teaching Premodern Asexualities and Aromanticisms

Disability Pedagogy

Michele Friedner, Rebecca Sanchez, and Mara Mills, How to Teach with Text: Platforming Down as Disability Pedagogy
Ann M. Fox, How to Crip the Undergraduate Classroom: Lessons from Performance, Pedagogy, and Possibility
CAST, Universal Design for Learning
Columbia University CTL, Inclusive Teaching and Learning Online


Sarah Emily Bond, Hold My Mead: A Bibliography For Historians Hitting Back At White Supremacy
Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
Nahir Otaño Gracia, MAA Webinar: Race, Racism, and Teaching the Middle Ages
International Center of Medieval Art, Teaching a Global Middle Ages
Julie Orlemanski and Jonathan Hsy, Race and Medieval Studies: A Partial Bibliography
Mary Rambaran-Olm and Erik Wade, Race 101 for Early Medieval Studies
Pat Simons, Premodern Women, Artists, and Patrons: A Global Bibliography
Corine Tachtiris, Antiracist Pedagogy Resources